You will have two class days in order to research the career or careers of your choice. (You may research a second one for extra credit.) You may use a Powerpoint if it is easier for you. You should address the following ten areas:

1. How this career reflects your personal values
2. The career's daily task and responsibilities (in general)
3. Does the career involve working with people, data, things, or a combination of them.?
4. General working environment (inside/outside)
5. General working hours
6. How your current aptitudes and abilities match this career?
7. How much education and training will be required for this career.
8. Approximate yearly salary and fringe benefits
9. General career outlook (Wisconsin and state)- how many jobs will be available in this area?
10. Potential international career outlook

Please adress ALL of these areas when presenting to the class. Your presentaion should be at least 4 minutes long. Pictures are a plus!

You may want to use the Occupational Oulook Handbook as a resource.