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September 2, 2009

Greetings fellow Wildcats:

I would like to help you through another school year! I am very enthusiastic about our class as it will assist you in your preparation for life after high school. Our class is divided into several sections. First, you will learn more about yourself using personality, learning, and career interest surveys. Next, you will select at least one job that interests you from the career survey and research your chosen career(s). Then, you will develop a resume and prepare for the interview including the follow up. Finally, we will discuss how to keep a job and maintain a healthy career-family balance.

As an additional way to prepare you for the 21st century work force, we will be completing as many of our assignments on line as possible. Our class will be using my personal wikispace which is located at:
http://mrnscareerresearch.wikispaces.com/. Please feel free to visit this when you have some free time. I would like you to be comfortable with my page and would be willing to answer any questions that might arise.

I know that you will find this class interesting and relevant. Please feel free to bring up any career-related questions for discussion!

Best wishes and GO WILDCATS!

Mr. Nell

Course/Unit Objectives (Outcomes):
The student will:
1. Complete an online personality, learning styles, and career interest inventory and summarize the findings.
2. Using data from step one, student will select one or two careers which match their personality and interests. Student will then research post-secondary education requirements (if any) and present to class as a Power point.
3. Student will develop a resume, cover letter, and thank you letter.
4. Student will participate in an interview which will be critiqued.
5. Student will develop and deliver a one minute “elevator” speech.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction, syllabus, and learning styles instrument (online)
Week 2: Personality assessment (online)
Week 3: Career Interest Inventory (online- Career Cruising), summarization of findings, and synthesis of the above.
Week 4: Research education requirements (online) and present summary of findings
Week 5: Develop a current resume (online- Career Cruising)
Week 6: Develop a cover letter
Week 7: Effective interview techniques (Power point)
Week 8: Participate in mock interviews
Week 9: Develop thank you letter
Week 10: Participate in one minute “elevator” speech