Objective: Students will explore their individual learning styles and describe how they can apply this information.

Time permitted: three periods


Write two paragraphs. The first one will describe the student’s individual learning style(s); the other will explain how to apply this information in order to maximize learning.

Using at least two of the provided websites, the student will take at least two online learning styles instruments. The student will read the results and use the information provided on the website to write up a plan of action on how they will APPLY this knowledge to their classroom learning.


This is a VERY informative website which offers many practical tips on how to use your learning style to maximize your acquisition of material.


As I mentioned in my journal, this is an excellent survey that can be completed in a few minutes which gives the student more time to research how to actually use the results in the classroom.


This site is another excellent tool for determining a student’s learning style. Utilizing more than one survey allows the student to check the validity of the initial results.

Self-analysis of learning style:

(5- excellent, 3- good, 1- poor)

1. My written summary was adequate.* 5 4 3 2 1

2. My application section explained my personal application. 5 4 3 2 1

3. At least one thing that I learned from this experience is:

4. One topic that I already knew about that was covered in my report:

5. A question regarding this topic that I will need to research further regarding this specific topic:

*Complete sentences, sufficient volume, summarized findings, and proper grammar